Welcome To Kangshanagar High School Website.

                                       History (1997-2014) 

The school, situated in the besides of Comilla, was established in 1997 . It was governmental as a high school by the Government of Bangladesh for teaching English literature and Science and named as Kangshanagar High School. In the about 2000s the school building expanded and improved its teaching structure.It's considered as one of the best schools in Bangladesh. This is a boy's and girl's school. Initially the school conducted only day shift. Almost 1200 students are studying in the school with 23 teachers.
The uniform is blue shirt with white full trousers and white shoes and black belt. The school monogram is be printed on the shirt pocket.
Usually students are admitted in class 6. Admission can be considered in other classes if a vacancy is available or if someone is transferred from some other school. The admission test is usually taken in the first week of January.
Extracurricular activities
    * Scouting
    * Games & sports (mostly athletics, cricket and football)
    * Debating
    * Cultural activities: in each year the students of the school celebrate the Shorossoti Puja on the school field.
    * Math and Language competitions: The school is the champion team of the national maths contest.
    * Science fair: A science fair is held each year.
    * Picnic